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Types of Braces

At Lund Orthodontics, we will always give you options and explain the pros and cons of each option.

Metal Braces

Metal braces are the most popular type of braces with kids and teenagers. They love having different colors of ligature "ties" on their brackets. Dr. Paul has experience using various types of braces including the Damon® system, DENTSPLY GAC In-Ovation®, 3M UnitekSmartClip™ brackets, and the American Orthodontics Alexander LTS System®. There are countless types of braces, and every design has advantages and disadvantages. We will select the type of braces that best suits your individual needs.

Clear Braces

Translucent clear ceramic braces are the most popular with adults. These clear braces are much less noticeable, and they do not stain or discolor. They work wonderfully for the person that wants to gain the same high quality outcome of metal braces, yet do so inconspicuously. We're happy to offer you the latest and greatest options for clear braces.

Invisalign® & Invisalign Teen®

Dr. Paul is a certified Invisalign® Provider, offering the latest Invisalign technology for teenagers and adults. This technology uses three-dimensional computer graphics to design and manufacture custom orthodontic appliances called "aligners". You will receive a series (or multiple sets) of aligners. Each set of aligners is worn for approximately two weeks at which time you are ready to start a new set of aligners. Day by day your teeth will move until your teeth are straight and fitting together.

Invisalign is virtually undetectable, easy-to-use and comfortable to wear. Not only are the aligners nearly invisible, they are also removable so you can eat, drink, brush and floss with no problems. This newer technology is not suitable for everyone. If you are interested in Invisalign, we welcome you to schedule your free exam to help you determine if this approach will meet your needs.

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