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Meet Your Clinical Team

Sarah, Clinician
I have been married to my husband, Mason, since 2011. I worked a few jobs here and there and never loved my job until I came to Lund Ortho in 2014. I have learned so much and continue to learn more every day. I'm definitely an introvert but Lund Ortho challenges that and breaks me out of my bubble gently! I appreciate my time so far as a clinician, and I'm excited for the future. We have the greatest patients, and working with them is a privilege.

Favorite quote:   "Having a soft heart in a cruel world is courage, not weakness."

A random fact I know about Dr. Paul:   He’s old school, not afraid of hard work. No wonder we have such a hard working team.

Why I love Lund Ortho:   I LOVE our team which makes me excited to come to work every day!

My favorite flower:   Tulip and White Lilac

My favorite song:   When I'm with You by Ben Rector

Tiffanie, Clinician
I started working in the orthodontic field right out of dental assisting school in 2005, and I’ve loved it ever since I found my home at Lund Orthodontics in 2013. When I’m not at work, I enjoy spending time at home with my husband, my daughter and our crazy French bulldogs. We like to stay busy and enjoy doing anything in the water and out in the sunshine!

Favorite quote:   “I’m not telling you it is going to be easy, I’m telling you it is going to be worth it.”

A random fact I know about Dr. Paul:   As a kid, he showed cows in 4H at the Evergreen State Fair.

Why I love Lund Ortho:   We have the best orthodontic patients in the world, and we have lots of fun at work!

My favorite flower:   Lily

My favorite song:   Dreams by Fleetwood Mac

Taylor, Clinician

I began my orthodontic career in 2013 after starting in pediatric dentistry. I graduated as a dental assistant from Lake Washington Technical College in 2012. I am an only child and grew up in Lake Stevens. I have an extreme love for all animals and our Seattle Seahawks! I love surfing in the summer and snowboarding in the winter.

Favorite quote:   “And you ask ‘what if I fall?’ Oh but my darling, what if you fly?” ~Erin Hanson

A random fact I know about Dr. Paul:   He has a German Shepard that rules the house!

Why I love Lund Ortho:   I love working at Lund Orthodontics because we have the best patients and staff to work with! Working here is always upbeat and enjoyable. As the saying goes, “If you love what you do, you will never work a day in your life.”

My favorite flower:   Sunflower

My favorite song:   Come Over by Kenny Chesney

Madison, Clinician

After completing dental assisting school, I immediately began working in a general dentist’s office for a little over three years until I found my true passion: orthodontics! I graduated from Glacier Peak High School in 2010, but am a Snohomish High School panther at heart. I have a big, fun, close family; so in my free time I’m with them either playing soccer, barbecuing, or going to country concerts. Dr. Paul truly wants the best for all of his patients. I’m very proud to be a part of such a great practice, and I find it very rewarding to be a part of creating smiles patients are proud of. After all, a smile is the prettiest thing you can wear.

Favorite quote:   “Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.”

A random fact I know about Dr. Paul:   He grew up on country music!

Why I love Lund Ortho:   Not only do I look forward to coming to work every morning, but I love the environment I work in, the people I work with, and the awesome, fun patients I get to build a relationship and bond with throughout their journey at Lund Orthodontics.

My favorite flower:   Sunflower

My favorite song:   Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

Stephanie, Clinician

I did my training at the Lake Washington Institute of Technology’s dental assisting program. From there I came straight to Lund Orthodontics where I did my externship and was hired upon completion. Since then I’ve been working and continually learning to be the best orthodontic clinician that I can be!

Favorite quote:   “Dream as if you’ll live forever.”

A random fact I know about Dr. Paul:   He was on the rowing team in college.

Why I love Lund Ortho:   Our team works very well together, and we always put our patients first.

My favorite flower:   Lily

My favorite song:   Die a Happy Man by Thomas Rett

Kate, Clinician

I graduated from Lake Washington Technical College in 2006. I have worked in orthodontics since then, finding my way to Lund Ortho in 2015. My husband and I have a teenage son and a Havanese dog, Castiel. In the summer, we spend almost every weekend at our family cabin in Granite Falls. Some of my favorite thigs to do in my free time is hiking with my family, reading a book and swimming. I love being a part of the Lund Orthodontics family.

Favorite quote:   “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

A random fact I know about Dr. Paul:   Dr. Paul is hilarious, no seriously.

Why I love Lund Ortho:   I LOVE that our amazing team is like family and my home away from home!

My favorite flower:   Lilac

My favorite song:   When the Levee Breaks by Led Zeppelin

Lacy, Clinician

I have been working as an orthodontic assistant since 2003. I began my career in San Diego and then moved back to my hometown of Washington in 2011. I love orthodontics! Not only do we get to know our patients because we see them more often but we get to see the changes in their smile and how big they are smiling after treatment is complete! I have two kids: Lucas who is ten and Mia who is eight. They both are very active with sports and keep me very busy! We have LOTS of pets which is kind of a mini farm: two boxers, Bella and Cami, a bunny, Beatrix and ten chickens (we love eggs!)

Favorite quote:  “Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.”

A random fact I know about Dr. Paul:   He’s a very proud daddy of 3 beautiful kids!

Why I love Lund Ortho:   I love Lund Ortho because of the fun environment. It's truly fun to come to work! Not only because of the awesome team but the great patients.

My favorite flower:   Stargazer Lily

My favorite song:   Fight Song by Rachel Platten. It reminds me of my daughter. We blast it and sing it at the top of our lungs.

Savannah, Clinician

I am a proud momma of two amazing boys. They are my first love and passion. I graduated from Bryman College’s dental assisting program in Peoria, AZ in 2010. Afterwards, I went into a multi-specialty dental office and found that orthodontics was my passion. I love keeping people smiling because life is a beautiful thing and there is so much to smile about.

Favorite quote:  “Begin while others make excuses, work while others are wishing, keep going while others are quitting.”

A random fact I know about Dr. Paul:   He loves to ski. He takes his kids to ski classes during the winter season and loves building those memories with them.

Why I love Lund Ortho:   I work with some of the most caring, graceful and thoughtful people I have ever met. We all work very hard and go above and beyond. We love our patients and treat everyone as if they were part of our own family.

My favorite flower:   Magnolias and Rhododendrons

My favorite song:   What's Up by 4 Non Blondes

Kelcie, Clinician

I attended Lake Washington Tech for the dental assisting program. After completing, I went on to work in a general dentistry office for a year and a half. Once I realized I was ready to follow my heart and go into ortho, I began learning and working at Lund Orthodontics. When not at work, I spend a lot of time with my family and my friends. I also enjoy spending time hiking.

Favorite quote:  “Hakuna Matata.”

A random fact I know about Dr. Paul:   Dr. Paul has never been to Disneyland!

Why I love Lund Ortho:   I love Lund Ortho because of the amazing people I work with every day.

My favorite flower:   Sunflower

My favorite song:   Hotel California by The Eagles

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